Employee Exit Interviews

Learn from ’em while you still have ’em.
Leveraging the Ambivista platform, you can efficiently gather feedback from departing employees to drive retention.

Employee Exit Interviews

While losing employees may be a natural organizational phenomenon, losing key people can cause major setbacks. These costs, ranging from the increased recruitment costs to the hit on performance and productivity, are substantial. This is why it’s imperative to gain a true understanding of why your talent may be leaving. Ambivista’s employee exit interviews and employee exit surveys provide managers this valuable insight. Through online or telephone methodologies, Ambivista’s employee exit interviews and employee exit surveys furnish honest information which can help to prevent bad hires and retain the best talent.


Increased Employee Retention
Improve employee retention and reduce turnover.
Prevent Bad Hires
Prevent bad hires by aligning on key organizational values.
Enhanced Climate
Act on employee exit survey data to make tweaks to improve the organizational climate and overall culture.

The Ambivista Retention Model

Gather Perceptions
Leverage best practices to gather high quality data
Understand Causes
Data mine to determine the root causes of turnover
Drive Change
Implement data-driven interventions to improve
The Process
Whether you are leveraging Ambivista for employee exit interviews or for employee exit surveys, the process remains largely the same–asking employees to answer key questions to learn of their reasons for leaving the company. Beyond this, it is also quite common to tap into other common drivers as well, including but not limited to whether they felt their skills were truly put to use and whether they felt their supervisor did an adequate job handling employee issues. Whether you work in HR or or general management, Ambivista’s employee exit interviews and employee exit surveys are effective in helping you pinpoint why employees leave. Ultimately, these insights allow you to make tweaks to further drive organizational performance.
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Engaging Ambivista’s team of survey experts as a third-party means that you will gain a process that is fair, objective, and ultimately one yielding the data that you need.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was involved in the initial tour of Ambivista, and it is a comprehensive and robust tool that rivals other "big box" cloud and software based survey tools that I have encountered in the past, including Survey Monkey and Inquisite.
We evaluated 7 competitors before ultimately deciding on Ambivista. It's the best decision we could have made for our organization.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ambivista on several projects. I am continually amazed at everything they are able to accomplish with high quality and professionalism.

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