Employee Engagement Surveys

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Ambivista’s research-based engagement surveys validly measures engagement, delights customers, and drives revenue.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Understanding your employees

Did you know that a third of employees are not engaged at work? Employee engagement is crucial to employee effectiveness, satisfaction, and the profitability of an organization. You can easily measure--and ultimately--increase your team's engagement with Ambivista's employee engagement surveys. Our engagement questionnaires are research-backed and targeted to your organizational strategy, goals, and design—ultimately providing insights into the factors that may be preventing employees from performing at their best.

The Ambivista Engagement Model

“I think”
“I feel”
“I do”

Employee Engagement Surveys

3 Key Benefits
Engagement Benefits
  • Gain a multi-perspective view of engagement

    With Ambivista engagement surveys, you can not only gain a holistic view of organizational-wide engagement, but our analytics and reporting also allow you to compare and contrast various employee groups by demographic factors.

  • Build trust with employees

    The very act of surveying—and most importantly—acting on engagement survey data, can serve as an effective trust builder with employees.

  • Improve employee engagement

    Our engagement surveys are designed to elicit actionable insights—ultimately skyrocketing key employee- and organizational-outcomes.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I was involved in the initial tour of Ambivista, and it is a comprehensive and robust tool that rivals other "big box" cloud and software based survey tools that I have encountered in the past, including Survey Monkey and Inquisite.
We evaluated 7 competitors before ultimately deciding on Ambivista. It's the best decision we could have made for our organization.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ambivista on several projects. I am continually amazed at everything they are able to accomplish with high quality and professionalism.

About Ambivista

Ambivista is a renowned survey consulting firm. We make it easy for organizations to measure and improve employee engagement with our custom engagement questionnaires coupled with our advanced yet user-friendly online survey software. With Ambivista, organizations can spend less time on administrative survey-related tasks and more time taking data-driven action. Our software allows you to engage with your employees and drive results.

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