Pulse Surveys

Monitoring your company’s health. Time efficiently and cost effectively.
Ambivista’s pulse surveys allow you to receive a near continuous stream of data—empowering you to confidently make data-driven decisions that will impact your bottom line.

Pulse Surveys

Many organizations administer surveys across annual or semi-annual time periods. However, when surveys are administered on such an infrequent basis, much important and actionable data are lost in the process. This results in less valid results. Ambivista’s Pulse Surveys are intended to allow organizations to get a more accurate assessment of the “health” of their customers and employees. Powered by the EquiSample™ by Ambivista technology, organizations can administer short surveys on a frequent basis to statistically balanced groups across various factors. This ultimately allows companies to obtain a more complete and valid picture on key performance indicators. Coupled with Ambivista Dashboards, your organization can easily stay in-the-know by tracking these trends over time and taking in-the-moment action.

Our Pulse Survey Model

pulse surveys
  • Daily

    If your organization is within a highly volatile and competitive industry that requires only the freshest of data, daily pulse campaigns are the single most effective approach. These campaigns essentially allow you to make in-the-moment decisions using in-the-moment data.


  • Weekly

    Although every organization requires accurate and relevant data, not every organization requires an actual daily data stream. If your organization has moderate volatility, weekly campaigns using a subset of your employees or customers may be just what you need in order to increase organizational performance and/or gain market share.


  • Monthly

    The most popular option our clients pursue is a monthly pulse survey campaign. These campaigns offer the most optimized balance between investment and data freshness. Monthly campaigns are also beneficial for moderately-sized organizations or those with moderately-sized client bases.


  • Quarterly

    For organizations that are coming from annual or semi-annual survey campaigns, the quarterly survey may be an attractive option. While the data may not the most current when compared to the other options, the data are still much more relevant and actionable than with traditional campaigns. These quarterly surveys also typically serve as a stepping stone for clients to embark on more frequent pulse survey campaigns.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I was involved in the initial tour of Ambivista, and it is a comprehensive and robust tool that rivals other "big box" cloud and software based survey tools that I have encountered in the past, including Survey Monkey and Inquisite.
We evaluated 7 competitors before ultimately deciding on Ambivista. It's the best decision we could have made for our organization.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ambivista on several projects. I am continually amazed at everything they are able to accomplish with high quality and professionalism.

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