Market Research

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Ambivista’s market research solution provides the medium for creating compelling connections between your customers and your brand.

Market Research

How does one determine whether a product or service resonates well with their customers? The obvious answer would be revenues. However, this metric is merely a byproduct of deeper-level factors that in many cases may go untapped or unnoticed. Market research is one of the primary ways of addressing this issue. Market research is the systematic way to understand your customer and potential customer bases. Through market research, you can discover new insights to better inform product or service development, marketing opportunities, and general organizational decision-making.

Our Market Research Model

market research surveys
  • Online Survey

    When you’re attempting to conduct a market research campaign with the quickest turnaround, least expense, and highest customization, there is no substitute for an online survey created with the Ambivista Insights Suite.

  • Paper Survey

    Although an online survey is the best practice in most cases, some situations may still call for a paper-based survey. Common scenarios include, for example, if you are attempting to survey a customer base with limited to no Internet connectivity. Using the survey export feature within the Insights Suite can generate a survey you could administer in-person or via landmail in no time.

  • Bubble Form

    If you are attempting to survey a large number of stakeholders using a paper-based survey, let Ambivista create bubble forms customized to your survey. Because of form standardization and scanner technology, datasets can be automatically created in a matter of minutes.

  • Interviews

    When you need the richest source of data on a particular segment of customers, there is no substitute for a qualitative interview. For the most scientific rigor, Ambivista’s research team can administer structured or semi-structured interviews. However, when the greatest clarity is needed, depth interviews can provide rich and descriptive data about your customers’ behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.

  • Focus Groups

    In cases in which you have a group of customers who share some common interest or characteristic, focus groups can be a more efficient and cost-effective approach to gathering qualitative data. Like interviews, focus groups can provide rich and descriptive data about your customers’ behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.

  • Observational Study

    Although Ambivista is known for its cutting-edge technology, sometimes lower tech approaches, like observational studies, are appropriate. Observational studies involve the direct observation of people–allowing Ambivista’s research team to identify actions and observe how customers respond to various stimuli.

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I was involved in the initial tour of Ambivista, and it is a comprehensive and robust tool that rivals other "big box" cloud and software based survey tools that I have encountered in the past, including Survey Monkey and Inquisite.
We evaluated 7 competitors before ultimately deciding on Ambivista. It's the best decision we could have made for our organization.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ambivista on several projects. I am continually amazed at everything they are able to accomplish with high quality and professionalism.

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