Ambivista for Education

Ambivista offers feedback solutions to make it easier for your learning institution to leverage actionable feedback unique to the education industry.
Wide Reach Across Education
Ambivista offers insights solutions for a broad range of education-related institutions.
‣ Daycare

‣ Preschools

‣ K-12

‣ Colleges

‣ Universities

‣ Boarding schools

‣ Charter schools

‣ School districts

Faculty & Staff Insights
Achieving positive educational outcomes may be more attainable than you think. Engage your faculty and staff. Learn from them.
‣ Faculty & staff engagement surveys

‣ Faculty & staff satisfaction surveys

‣ New hire & onboarding surveys

‣ Employee exit interviews

‣ 360° feedback

Student & Parent Insights
How can you keep students motivated? How can you keep parents engaged? Ask them.
‣ School climate surveys

‣ Classroom climate surveys

‣ Student engagement surveys

‣ Parent engagement surveys

‣ Student behavioral surveys

‣ Testing & assessment

‣ Course evaluations

‣ Educational program evaluation

‣ Longitudinal research

‣ Learning styles research

‣ Bullying research

The Student Educational Journey
The education journey can be a long one. Ambivista can help to gather insights throughout the student journey.
‣ Application

‣ Enrollment

‣ Study

‣ Assessment

‣ Graduation

Tapping into Your Target Audience
Great educational research starts with collecting data from the right people. Ambivista’s insights solutions can help solicit from a variety of audiences.
‣ Teachers

‣ Professors

‣ Teaching assistants

‣ Tutors

‣ Coaches

‣ Custodians

‣ Kitchen staff members

‣ Principals

‣ School board members

‣ Administrators

Benefits Of Our Research Suite

Advanced Functionality

The Survey Insights Suite’s advanced functionality empowers you to create surveys that fit your needs and wows you.

Mobile Friendly

Build a survey on your tablet, collect data on a phone. The Suite was built with mobile in mind.

Real-time Reporting

Build a survey on your tablet, collect data on a phone. The Suite was built with mobile in mind.

Campaign Monitoring

Our campaign dashboard allows you to easily keep an eye on your survey’s performance and adjust strategy as needed.

Industry Leading Security

Ambivista employs the strictest security and compliance standards to protect your sensitive data.
Start building your first survey now.