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Our Mission Is To Streamline and Simplify the Research Process.
Ambivista, taken from the Latin prefix ambi (around) and the Spanish word vista (view), is an online survey and research firm. With our staff of techies and Ph.D.’s, we offer industry-leading solutions and best-practice oriented research consulting services. These offerings provide clients with an opportunity to gain a complete view of their environments, including but not limited to employees, customers, and potential customers.

Why You Should Chose Ambivista


With our innovation-fused DNA, we create groundbreaking solutions to improve your research experience

Industry Experts

Our team consists of Ph.D.-level experts in research and technology gurus

World Class Support

We have your back every step of the way. Reach out and give us a holler

What We Do Better Than Our Competitors

Enterprise Feedback Management
Market Research
Voice of Customer
Voice of Employee

Our Fabulous Clients

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